Visiting Zanzibar's beautiful beaches after a wildlife safari inland Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenya is a perfect African adventure that explores the wilderness and sets you up to relax in paradise.

Picture the shift from dense jungles and diverse landscapes to the calm, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of Zanzibar—a perfect way to end an exciting safari adventure.

After experiencing the rich biodiversity and cultural wonders of East Africa, Zanzibar offers a serene escape. The palm-fringed beaches and vibrant coral reefs create an ideal setting to unwind and recharge.

Swap the rugged terrains for the soothing sound of the Indian Ocean waves, making Zanzibar the perfect conclusion to your safari journey.

Zanzibar isn't just about beautiful beaches; it's also a place steeped in history and culture. Explore Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and lively markets. The influence of Arab, Persian, Indian, and European cultures is evident everywhere, providing a fascinating look into the island's past. Spice plantations, the iconic House of Wonders, and a diverse local cuisine further enrich the cultural experience.

Coming from an East African safari to a beach holiday in Zanzibar is smooth, offering a well-rounded adventure. Whether you want to combine Zanzibar beach with wildlife encounters in Uganda, cultural richness in Rwanda, Big Five game safaris in Kenya, or the Great Migration in Tanzania, Zanzibar welcomes you with open arms, providing the perfect tropical finale to your safari exploration.



Read the real stories and experiences shared by fellow travelers who've traveled with Encounter Africa Safaris on these Zanzibar beach holidays. These reviews offer an insider's perspective and give you a sense of what awaits you through genuine, unfiltered accounts.

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    August 3, 2023

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    July 9, 2023

    star ratingThe whole experience, from start to finish, was absolutely amazing. Adams is THE MAN!! Everything ran seamlessly, from pick up to drop off. Adams was great at keeping us entertained... read more

    Sarah B
    July 28, 2023

    star ratingWorth every penny! - We did the two-day Gorilla Trek excursion from Kigali, Rwanda to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and back.

    July 10, 2023
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    August 12, 2023

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    Lewis B
    July 28, 2023

    star ratingWe did the 3 day Gorilla Tracking Safari and it was a truly once in a lifetime experience. Leading up to the event, Dennis was wonderful for communicating and Godwin,... read more

    August 27, 2023

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    July 25, 2023

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    August 21, 2023

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The best beaches in zanzibar

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi Beach, perched on the northern tip of Zanzibar's main island, stands out as a tropical haven with its pristine white sand and crystalline turquoise waters. What makes Nungwi one of the best holiday beaches is not only its breathtaking beauty but also the variety of experiences it offers. The beach is a hub for water sports enthusiasts, providing opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and sailing. Visitors can explore the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean, encountering colorful coral reefs and a diverse array of marine life. Additionally, Nungwi's lively atmosphere extends into the evening, earning it a reputation for vibrant nightlife.

Kendwa Beach

Adjacent to Nungwi, Kendwa Beach is celebrated for its serene beauty and relaxed ambiance, making it one of the best holiday beaches in Zanzibar. What sets Kendwa apart is its reputation for offering some of the most mesmerizing sunsets on the island. The tranquil setting, coupled with the warm hues of the setting sun, creates a romantic atmosphere that captivates visitors. The beach is a haven for those seeking a peaceful escape, away from the hustle and bustle. Kendwa's calm waters make it ideal for swimming, and the absence of a tide barrier allows for a constant, gentle lapping of the waves against the shore.

Paje Beach

On the southeastern coast, Paje Beach stands out as an adventurer's paradise, making it one of the best holiday beaches in Zanzibar. The steady breeze that graces its shores creates a perfect setting for kite surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Paje's extensive shallow waters provide an excellent environment for both beginners and experienced water sports enthusiasts to enjoy their chosen activities. Beyond its thrilling water sports scene, Paje maintains a laid-back atmosphere, offering visitors a chance to unwind and soak up the sun. The picturesque fishing village nearby adds a touch of authenticity to the experience, making Paje a unique and well-rounded destination.

Jambiani Beach

On the southeast coast lies Jambiani Beach, where authenticity meets natural splendor, earning its spot among the best holiday beaches in Zanzibar. Jambiani stands out for its unspoiled beauty and a glimpse into the local way of life. The beach is dotted with traditional fishing boats, adding an authentic charm to the landscape. For snorkeling enthusiasts, Jambiani's coral reefs present an underwater world teeming with marine marvels. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture as you explore the nearby fishing village, offering an authentic experience that sets Jambiani apart as a tranquil and culturally rich beach destination in Zanzibar.

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