Hot air Balloon safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the few places where one can enjoy a hot air balloon safari in Uganda. It is the second largest conservation area in Uganda after Murchison Falls national Park and has a lot of wildlife and scenic beauty that every client visiting Uganda and is interested in Hot Air balloon safaris should not miss. Imagine viewing wildlife such as hippos, lions, elephants, antelopes and so much more from above. The stunning scenic beauty due to the rift valley floor, escarpments, gorges of the Kyambura, crater lakes, rift valley lakes and the snow caped mountains of Rwenzori make the whole experience of Hot Air balloon safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park a must do activity if one can afford. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for a tailor mad tour including hot air balloon safari experience of choose from the below sample itineraries and request for a quote.

Hot air balloon safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park are run by a company called Balloon Tours Uganda Ltd which was licensed by Civil Avaition authority to conduct Hot Air balloon safaris. With this company in place safety has been guaranteed due to over 10 years of operation and experience of their pilots. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for more about Hot Air balloon safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Program of Hot Air balloon Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Hot Air balloon safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park start at 5:30am from Kasenyi gate where clients, equipment including balloons and the crew are driven to the right starting sport of the day. At this point, clients will be served with a cup of tea/coffee as the crew assemble the balloon. This can only be done when proper tests of whether and wind have been done. Once the assembling is completed, guest will be briefed about the whole experience and then the flight.

Take off is normally at 6:15 am and the flight may last from 45 minutes to one hour or so depending on the quantity of fuel available, number of clients on board as well as the prevailing whether conditions of the day. Hot Air balloons are believed to fly to an altitude of up to 760 meters above allowing clients on board to have a clear view of wildlife, trees, lakes, rivers and other nature features in Queen Elizabeth National Park as earlier mentioned. Great photographic sceneries are enjoyed by clients on board.

After your Hot Air balloon safari experience, clients and their pilots will land at about 7:15 am for a bush breakfast to spice up the experience of the day. Clients will be given certificates and transferred to their respective lodges for relaxation as they prepare to engage in other activities.