Kidepo Safari Lodges

Encounter Africa safaris recommended Kidepo Safari Lodges are Apoka Safari Lodge for upmarket or luxury Kidepo Tours, Nga muro wilderness Camp for Mid range and Apoka rest Camp for Budget Kidepo safaris. All our safaris provide options so that all our clients intending to undertake Kidepo tours can make their own choice out of the provided Kidepo Safari Lodges. Kidepo Valley National Park has very few Lodge options and as such, all those interested in visiting Kidepo National Park have to stick to only three options. Kidepo Lodges include Apoka Safari Lodge which is by far the most up market accommodation in the Park, Ngamoru wilderness Camp for Mid range and Apoka Rest Camp or UWA Bandas for Budget option. Kidepo Lodges of Apoka safari Lodge and Apoka Rest Camp are located inside the National Park whole Ngamoru Wilderness camp is located outside Kidepo valley National park. For details about Kidepo Lodges, kindly click below on each lodge.

List of our recommended Kidepo Safari Lodges

Apoka Rest Camp or UWA Bandas

Apoka Rest Camp is one of Kidepo Safari Lodges and is commonly referred to as UWA Bandas is centrally located at Apoke UWA headquarters. This budget facility is owned and run by Uganda Wildlife authority and is the only descent low budget accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park. Apoka Rest Camp has both self and non-self-contained bandas from where tourists can choose to stay. While planning to stay at Apoka Rest Camp as your Kidepo Safari Lodge, you are reminded to carry your own food supplies which should then be handed to the resident chef. Apoka rest Camp has a kitchen and as such their chef will prepare your meals according to food supplies given to him. Apoka Rest camp also has a small bar where soft drinks and beers are offered at affordable prices. Those with their own camping gear can also camp at Apoka. The only challenge is that those staying in Non-self-contained rooms have to travel a reasonable distance to access shared bathrooms and toilets which then becomes a problem most especially during the night.

Apoka Rest Camp is strategically located Narus Valley for game drives, nature walks and scenic viewing where animals such as lions, large herds of Buffaloes, zebras and many others can be seen in this valley. For those interested in viewing wildlife on foot, Apoka rest camp provides the best option among all Kidepo Safari Lodges since all ranger guides stay closer to the camp.

Apoka Rest Camp is not only conveniently located but it is pocket friendly and value for money most especially for budget travellers. Apoka Rest Camp being the only budget facility in Kidepo Valley National Park, one needs to book it in Advance and to always follow up with Uganda Wildlife Authority. For those booking through Encounter Africa Safaris, our staff will endeavor to make sure that all that is needed to make your stay at Apoka rest camp are in place. Let your stay at Apoka Rest Camp or UWA bandas be memorable by booking through Encounter Africa Safaris.

Ngamoru Wilderness Camp

Among Kidepo Safari Lodges is Ngamoru Wilderness Camp which is a mid-range accommodation property that one can choose to stay in while in Kidepo Valley National Park. Situated on a hill, Ngamuro wilderness Camp has stunning views of the park and animals often visit this Lodge. This lodge has been described as a place where you come as a visitor and leave as a friend. Ngamuro wilderness Camp has both Cabanas and Thatched tents for accommodation. All cabanas and Thatched tents are self-contained with en suite bathrooms/tabs to ensure privacy.

Located at the boarder of Kidepo Valley National Park, Ngamoru Wilderness Camp is about fifteen minutes’ drive to the park gate and about twenty minutes to Narus Valley where game drive activities, nature walks and scenic viewing takes place. The lodge is also located about forty two kilometers from Kidepo valley for those that wish to visit the Uganda-sudan boarder, hot springs and try their luck with Ostriches.

Ngamoru wilderness camp provides accommodation on full board basis and due to the fact that it is located in the wilderness of Kidepo Valley National park, the lodge uses solar for lightening. Due to the few tourists that visit Kidepo valley National Park, the camp only operates when they have visitors and closes when they do not have visitors. You therefore need to contact Encounter Africa Safaris to place your booking in time to enable lodge management to organize for your stay at the Lodge.

For those looking for a descent Kidepo Safari Lodges to stay in while at Kidepo valley National Park, Ngamoru wilderness camp is not only an option but the best alternative. Encounter Africa safaris organizes both driving and fly in safaris to Kidepo National park and offers advice on how to choose the best accommodation option. Visit Kidepo valley National Park with Encounter Africa safaris by choosing from our sample packages or contact us for a tailor made safari.

Apoka Safari Lodge as one of Kidepo safari Lodges

Kidepo Valley National Park offers limited accommodation options but Apoka Safari Lodge is the only luxury facility located in this remote area of the park. To many people that have visited Kidepo Valley National Park, Apoka safari Lodge remains the best and stunning lodge in Africa. Voted one of the best Lodges in Africa, Apoka safari Lodge is well built on a huge rock with stunning views of the whole park. For those looking for class, luxury and convenience, Apoka Safari Lodge is the place for you.

At present, Apoka Safari Lodge has 10 well-built cottages with enough space, wild en suite bathrooms and each room has a veranda with great views of the national Park. Kidepo National Park is a park for lions, cheaters, buffaloes, elephants and many others but the amazing thing with Apoka safari lodge is that most animals can be seen while at the Lodge.

Apoka safari lodge is located in the center of Kidepo Valley National park close to Uganda wildlife Authority Headquarters plus Narus Valley where game drive and walking safaris take place. For those who do not want to drive long distance for game drives and nature walks, Apoka Safari Lodge is the best option.

Apoka Safari Lodge has a swimming pool well built on a rock and visitors are free to swim in their free time. The lodge also offers other services such as game drives in their own well-built safari vehicles and for those who fly in to Kidepo Valley National Park, the Lodge can pick and drop them to the Airstrip.

To enjoy services at Apoka Safari Lodge, one needs at least three to four nights. Honeymoon nights are great at the lodge as this remote lodge provides the privacy, sundowners, bush breakfast and all the best you could find in Uganda. Encounter Africa safaris organizes both fly in and driving safaris to Apoka Safari Lodge at affordable prices