For those interested in authentic African adventure, Tome home stay experience is one that provides an exceptional but true Ugandan experience.

Tom’s home is located on one of the island in Lake Bunyonyi. This one big island is shared among Tom and his relatives. Tom’s home and experience is all about eating locally prepared meals by Tom and his wife. Tents are pinched in Tom’s compound for your accommodation and once food is ready, it is served outside just as it used to be in Africa’s golden days. Tom and his family prepares fire where maize, beef or chicken is roasted as some bakiga elders pray for you music. .

Tom operates a small bar of premium beers and spirits where you have a choice to choose from. You can choose to stayb for one or two nights as you participate in canoeing, hiking or birding around Lake Bunyonyi and its islands. .

Tom who is in his early seventies is one of the very few friendly and welcoming bakiga with losts of experience in clientele handling obtained from House of Edirisa a local Bakiga Musuem located in Kabale. Aftter retiring, he decided to start up this idea being helped by House of Edirisa Museum. .

If you are looking for an authentic Uganda yet affordable, then contact us so that we include one or two home stay nights while in Lake Bunyonyi. .