We organize tours and trips for students interested in Africa’s Geography, wildlife, research among others. All our student tours are tailored to suite individual group requirements. We understand the budget of students so we make sure we help them achieve a lot with their budget. Directors of Encounter Africa Safaris have a strong back ground in areas of academia and research after several years of conducting and supervising university students in Uganda. Having organized study tours for tourism students to different parts of the country makes them the perfect team to organize and advise you in as far as study trips to Uganda are concerned. All we need is to establish what your interests are and then we will advise you accordingly.

Geography of Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries that is endowed with geographical features worth studying by students to enhance their knowledge in as far as global geography knowledge is concerned. Uganda has several vegetation types such as Tropical rain forests which include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home of mountain gorillas, Kibale Forest home for chimpanzees and other primates, Maramagambo, Budongo, Karinzu, and Mabira Forests among others. Other vegetation types include swamp vegetation along rivers such as Katonga, Kagera, all of which are important sites for students of geography and zoology all over the world.

Great Lakes and Rivers

Uganda is one of the few countries with several lakes. These include down warped lakes such as Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and Lake Mburo. Grabens or Rift Valley lakes Lake Edward, George and Albert among others. We have lava damned lake which include Lake Bunyonyi and Mutanda with Lake Bunyonyi being the second Lake in East Africa. The above coupled with River nile which is the longest river on the planet earth, surely students have a lot to study on any Uganda trip.

Relief Features

In terms of relief, Uganda is mainly a plateau but with many mountain ranges worth studying in as far as geography of Uganda and Africa is concerned. Uganda has the Rwenzoris which are the highest mountain ranges in Africa, mountain Elgon that has the biggest crater in Africa among other mountains such as Mgahinga, Sabinyo and Muhavura. Other relief features associated with the above include the great Western arm of the great East African Rift Valley with its associate explosion craters such as Lake Katwe, Nyungu, Rutoto among others in the Bunyaruguru region of western Uganda.

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