Nyungwe Canopy Walk

The Nyungwe National Park provides another set of optional activities which include the Canpy Walk in the Forest. Rwanda is known for its wonderful gorillas located in the northern part of this small country and specifically in Volcanoes National Park found in the Virunga Ranges shared between Uganda , Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda boost of ten gorilla families which are located in volcanoes that include Mgahinga, Karusimbi, Bisoke, Muhavura and Sanbinyo side of Rwanda

Nyungwe Canopy walk is approximately a two km walk to and from. The actual canopy walk is around 170 meters. You have to walk to the starting point and then after the walk, you walk back again. The walk starts with briefing by one of the guides at Nyungwe National Park headquarters and then you proceed to the forest. There is a lot to see on this walk which include several primates and birds plus many tree species. When you eventually reach the real starting point, you then start your hike on a trail hanging and connecting one hill to another. It has been written that on this canopy walk you get to see several birds and primates but the truth is that when you start this walk, the aim changes immediately and many concentrate on completing the walk rather than viewing attractions in the forest. Walking on ropes and aluminium bars way high up there is so challenging that when clients complete this walk, they cerebrate so much. While on this canopy walk, you are advised not to look down as you may instead become scared. All you need to do is concentrate, look forward and remain focused to complete the walk. Nyungwe canopy walk is such an experience so unique and is next to trekking gorillas if you have the guts to do it. Read more on what to do in Rwanda

Other activities include bird watching, chimpanzee trekking and so much more. Nyungwe National park can be accessed by road and one has to drive approximately 4-5 hours or you can fly from Kigali and land at Kamembe Airport which is about 35 minutes flight. Rwanda Air operates scheduled flights everyday so in order to on the drive time, you may choose to fly. From Kamembe Airport, you may have to drive approximately 40 minutes to Nyungwe Forest Lodge or Nyungwe Hill Side Lodge which are the popular accommodation properties in the area. The next morning, you will be required to drive at least 30 minutes to reach Nyungwe National Park headquarters to start any activity of your Interest./