Mubare Gorilla family in Buhoma side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park was the first of the Uganda mountain gorillas to be habituated in 1998. It was first sighted by trackers around the Mubare hills that are to be found deep in Bwindi Impenetrable forest. It was led by the late Ruhondeza who died in 2013 after a serous fight with a black back in the family. He had to surrender and left the family under a black back who has raided and expanded the family from 5 members to 9 members as of now

The dominant silver back in the group by then was the late Ruhondeza and back then he ruled a family with over 18 gorillas. Over the years his family has shrunk in number. This was because as he aged, he never groomed a successor. Ruhondeza was a jealous kind of silverback. The UWA trackers long suspected that he would kill off any up coming blackbacks who would be tempted to usurp his position.

3009 was particularly hard year for this family with a loss of three of its members. Early in the year one of the adult females died of a fracture to the skull. She left behind a wee infant of six months, whom the group tried to care for. The baby was found dead on Ruhondeza’s bed by trackers one morning. As the little mite had not been weaned and couldn’t eat.

From 18 members, the group continued to loose member until they were only five members. In march 2015, Mubare under Ruhondeza was attached by a wild un habituated gorilla group defeating Ruhondeza and taking way some females from the group. Out of frustration, Ruhondeza had to quit leadership of the group and took refuge in the nearby community forest. Because the community loved him so much, they never chased him away and Uganda wildlife Authority kept on Monitoring him. Later on he had to pass away and was found dead in sleep. He was given a descent burial near UWA headquarters and if you visit Buhoma, kindly ask our guide to show you the grave of this great silverback.

The successor, immediately undertook an exercise of expanding the family and bringing back the glory. He attacked another family increasing the family members to nine members. Who know, may be he will continue to expand the family.