Mountain Gorilla Habitats

The gorilla is the largest of the great apes family, which includes the chimpanzee and orangutan as well. It can be divided in three subspecies most of which are located in Rwanda,Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo as mountain gorilla habitats in the world.

Western Lowland Gorilla (gorilla gorilla gorilla)

This type of gorilla is mostly seen in zoos. A population of about 50,000 western lowland gorillas live in West Central Africa.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla (gorilla gorilla graueri)

About 2,5000 eastern lowland gorillas live in the wild. They can be found in the eastern Congolese rainforest.

Mountain Gorilla (gorilla gorilla beringei)

Only 720 mountain gorillas are remaining. They live in the afro montane forests in northwest Rwanda, southwest Uganda and eastern DRC.

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