lnternship Opportunities at Encounter Africa Safaris

Encounter Africa safaris offers internship opportunities to train in a tour company that is reputable for university students who are pursuing courses related to tourism studies. The trainees from the university are required to spend the exact time that the university recommends. During this period we offer hands-on training that equips them with everything that they need to be successful in the tourism industry. We train in several necessary skills to make sure that they fit in the professional part of the industry.

lnternship Opportunities at Encounter Africa Safaris
Encounter Africa safaris interns with facilitators

What to expect from the internship.

when you do an internship expect to get valuable skills in the following;

  1. Hands-on experience: You will have a chance to work hand in hand with our consultants as they book and plan for clients’ trips and make arrangements from the process of booking until when they confirm and get out in the field.
  2. Professional development: The training and mentorship you get will prepare you for the world to come after university and with the skills attained from the internship you can even start and manage your own successful tour company. You have with you the opportunity to learn and develop skills and knowledge in the areas of customer service, marketing, tour planning, and logistics management.
  3. From here build a network and learn management skills that you will use even in the future to manage your business. Social media etiquette and responsible press you put out to the public.

Make the most out of your internship Placement

to make the most of your internship, we recommend that as a student interested in learning and attaining skills, you should be willing to be proactive taking the initiative to take on tasks and assignments when given to you in the time since you don’t have a lot of time. Get to learn the most in the shortest time which may take years to accomplish.

Learn from your mistakes and create social networks at the placement office, the more you be social the likelihood that you can get a good recommendation for a future job or even be retained at the organization. Be open-minded to learn new things from those that you learned from university. With university, you learn the theory part of business and at your internship; you get to do the practicals and in most cases, the two differ so much.

Requirements to qualify for an internship with us

  1. The internship should be done during the university-recommended period.
  2. Pay the company facilitation fee as required by the organization.
  3. a laptop is a must: this is hands-on based training where most of the work is done on a laptop.
  4. the rules and regulations of the company must be followed

How to Book for internship opportunities at Encounter Africa Safaris.

To book an internship at Encounter Africa Safaris and confirm your placement, you will have to send your university placement letters to this email below:

Email: encounterafricasafaris@gmail.com

WhatsApp contact: +256750984649 OR +256705270714