While in Kabale town, you may choose to go for an adventurous hill climbing exercise before or after your gorilla trek. One interesting hill climbing is around lake bunyonyi. It starts from Crater bay or Bunyonyi overland camp where you have to take a canoe ride of about 40 minutes to reach the starting point.

Once you are off the canoe, you will hike and the first stop is a school in this peninsular where you can interact with school going children before proceeding upwards to a local bar. At this bar, you will find the bakiga drinking their sorghum porridge. Feel free to join them as you relax. The bakiga porridge is an energy giving drink which can add you the extra power needed for hiking. From the local bar, you will hike up to the home of a Rastafarian who lives almost at the top of this hill. He will try to explain the history of the Bakiga before and after colonization. How and why they resisted any attempt from the British to colonize them until they were let down. He has rich knowledge about the gods of the baking before the introduction of Christianity and other religions. This innovative young man will treat you to a kikyiga dance as he has a dancing group and off you go to a herbalist.

At the herbalist place, the old man will demonstrate how some herbs are used to cure some diseases. From there, you start descending down with some good views of major islands in Lake Bunyonyi including the popular punishment island where young girls who would get pregnant before marriage would be dumped and left to die. At this point, you may choose to relaxe and enjoy the cool breeze and winds.

From this point, you will then visit a local home for lunch. This is normally organic food served and it is delicious. After lunch, a group of women will display several crafts and demonstrate how they are made. You can choose to support their cause by buying some items. Descend slowly until you reach the shore where a canoe or speed boat will then pick and take you back to your lodge.

This is one of the authentic and adventurous activities in and around Kabale town most especially in the lake bunyonyi region