Post Lockdown Rwanda Gorilla Safaris and Tours

We do organize all components of your Rwanda Safari in the new normal and post lockdown era taking into consideration your safety and satisfaction while on safari with us. Our post lockdown safari holidays include gorilla permits, accommodation and transport to and from all destinations in Rwanda. We can tailor your safari to suite your budget, interest and time. Are you looking for a family, group or private tour to see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, chimps in Nyungwe forest National Park or wildlife in Akagera National Park? Look normal than Encounter Africa safaris responsible safaris to this country with a thousand hills. Book with us and follow our New normal travel policy here.


These gorilla tour packages are some of the most requested ones. Encounter Africa can customise any one of them to suite your preferences.

Best Time To Go

On paper, the best time to trek gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda is during the drier months of June, July, August and early September. During these months, these months experience less rainfall compared to months such as April, May and November. Read more >

Gorilla Permit Booking

A gorilla permit is a must have document to be allowed into the jungles to track these wonderful creatures. Encounter Africa Safaris provides relevant gorilla permit booking information for Rwanda and Uganda to enable you plan your gorilla safari well. Red More >

What Should You Pack?

One of the most asked question about gorilla trekking is what to pack for a gorilla trek in Uganda or Rwanda. You need Hiking boots, a rain jacket, garden gloves, long sleeved shirts, a backpack, drinking water, energy giving foods among others for you to successfully prepare for your gorilla trek. Read More >

General Gorilla Tracking Rules

If you're planning a gorilla trip (which of course you are because you're here), you need to know the tracking rules and regulations to avoid getting in trouble with the law makers. Be quiet, don't throw gabbage in the forest, don't get so close, avoid camera shatter sound and bla bla ... Read more >