Gorilla Permit Availability in Uganda

Gorilla permits are very important in as far as gorilla trekking is concerned. You are required to be holding a gorilla permit in order to trek these endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Rwanda.

We do check availability of gorilla permits for individual travels/tourists and international companies. Bwindi had 10 gorilla families open for trekking everyday and thus 80 Gorilla permits are available for clients and companies to sell.

When you use our services, we will then contact Uganda Wildlife Authority who are in charge of selling and issuing gorilla permits on behalf of Uganda government and we will tell you the number of gorilla permits available.

Uganda wildlife Authority has a reservation system that allows you to call one of the reservations staff so as to establish availability but you can as well send them an email and they will get back to you with availability. If you want to try your lack directly with Uganda Wildlife Authority, please do so in the morning as they tend not to receive telephone calls in the afternoon and evenings.

To aviod the above hursel, please do contact us with the year, month and exact dates when you want to trek and we will check availability of gorilla permits and advise each permits per family plus which side of bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is because Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has both the south and the north and some gorilla families are located and can be trekked from the north while others from the south.

Once we have found out gorilla permit availability, we will send you our invoice for payment and once money is wired on to our Bank Account, we will request you to send us your passport details as they are needed by Uganda Wildlife Authority for them to issue out your gorilla permit. We will then scan and send you a copy of this gorilla permit for your records and perusal.

You can pick this gorilla permit from our office on arrival in Uganda or if you have booked a fully inclusive tour with us, it will be part of the package. Our office is open all the time and we can be reached by telephone call or email.
Please do contact us for details.

While requesting for gorilla permit availability, you need to specify the year, month and date so that we check basing on your preferred date and time. You should also note that gorilla permits availability changes every minute and thus we advise that once you establish the number of permits, please do prebook your permits in advance 4 to 5 months in advance to avoid shortage and all the inconviniances associated with last minute booking.


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