COVID-19: Planning a tour to Uganda?

Tourism is still an important sector of Uganda’s economy. Uganda’s tourism continues to grow at an average rate of 80,530 tourists per year. Recent reports indicate that 1.4 million tourists visited Uganda in 2017 (UBOS, 2018). We expect that this figure will continue to grow especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 and so tourism is likely to be one of the potentials for employment (youth, women and men) as well as poverty reduction in the country. Overall, tourism is being promoted as a means to achieve the Uganda National Development Plans (NDPs) and the Uganda Vision of achieving socio-economic transformation of society by the 2040. This can only happen if tourism continues to flourish for the benefit of society.

Encounter Africa safaris a responsible Tour company

At Encounter Africa Safaris Limited, we are committed to contribute to this growth in visitor numbers and employment by providing responsible and sustainable travel services to our current and future clients. For more information on our responsible travel policy, please visit our page. We strive to do by while ensuring the security and safety of our clients, our staff, local communities in the areas where we take our clients, as well as the sustainability of attractions that we take our clients to see. Well aware of the outbreak of COVID-19 since last year in December in the Wuhan city of China, that has now spread globally, we are convinced that the security and safety of clients is paramount.

We are also aware that there is very limited travel globally which has affected the delivery tourism and hospitality services. There are global cancellations of bookings in the airlines, accommodation, transport etc. However, we at Encounter Africa Safaris Limited continue to operate from home mostly in preparation for a rebound after the current crisis. But most importantly, we are working on the best strategies to keep our clients up to date with what is happening around the destinations where we operate.

Current Covid 19 Status in Uganda

Following the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, the government of Uganda decided to implement a total lockdown by closing all its borders (meaning that there is no visitor allowed in the country or allowed to exit. There is also very restricted moment internally except to access essential services. The government also in line with the directives from the world health organization (WHO) is implementing the regularly washing of hands with water and soap, observing social distancing, keep a 4-meter distance between people, wearing of masks where necessary and the stay at home directives among others. Those who are suspected and show symptoms of the virus are tested, treated, and their contacts are traced, tested, treated or isolated for further management. All this is aimed at slowing the spread of the virus in the community.

So far, the total observance of these measures has been very effective in curbing further spread of the virus in the country. The country’s total number of COVID-19 cases stands at 85. Of these, 53 have been treated and discharged from the hospital facilities but are encouraged go in to self-quarantine for at least 14 days. This means that the country, as of now, has only 15 active COVID-19 cases. No deaths have been registered so far. Of course, these figures are not static. We continue to follow the Ministry of Health for daily updates on the progress to fighting the pandemic.

As a number of countries design roadmaps to reopen their economies and eventually holiday travel start to pick, we at Encounter Africa Safaris Ltd, continue to follow the guidelines and updates being regularly issued by the Ugandan Ministry of Health (MoH) and the WHO on the progress in fighting the virus. But also, we look forward to a time when we provide our clients with high quality and professional services in the Post-COVID-19.

We are still committed to providing responsible services that will contribute to environmental conservation while contributing to better welfare of the local communities surrounding the protected areas where we take our clients.

For more information about our packages and services, please visit our website for our top safari packages which you might be looking forward to participating in the post-COVID-19. We hope that your travel with us will put a smile on someone’s face, who depend on tourism but is now jobless and in need support. Also we are on Trip advisor and safari bookings