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Ngamba Island Boat Excursion

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Thank you for choosing Uganda as a tourism destination and welcome to our Ngamba Island Boat excursion page where we will explain to you all that concerns Ngamba Island. Ngamba Island Boat Excursion is for those that are in Uganda for primate safaris such as chimp and gorilla trekking but want to have an insight about chimpanzees before they start their wild safaris in the jungles of Uganda.

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About Ngamba Island Boat Excursion

Ngamba Island is a small forested island located in Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa. On this island is a chimpanzee sanctuary where all rescued chimpanzees are taken. Chimpanzees live in communities in most forests of Africa. Many animal traffickers are now targeting primates including chimpanzees and because of this, they are endangered and need our protection and care. Due to the fact that you can never tell where a given chimp came from after rescue, they cannot be taken back to their natural habitat but to Ngamba Island. Our Ngamba Island Boat excursion will take you to this island to study and appreciate how to conserve our closed cousins the chimpanzees.

When to go for Ngamba Island Boat Excursion

There two sessions to Ngamba Island. The first boat departs Entebbe main land from Uganda Wildlife Education Center or water front pier at 8:45am while the afternoon one departs at 15:45pm and returns at 5:00pm. On either Ngamba Island Boat excursion, you are treated to two feeding sessions and an informative talk from one of the care givers who will take you through where chimps are located in the whole of Africa. He will narrow it down to Uganda as he explains challenges, opportunities and solutions of conservation chimpanzees in Africa. The first feeding di for those chimpanzees that are new to the island while the second one is for those that have been integrated and can freely walk on this island. Our Ngamba Island Boat excursion fees include all the above plus entry fees and a cup of coffee or tea.

Are you interested in visiting Ngamba Island? Contact Encounter Africa Safaris located in Entebbe and closer to Uganda Wildlife Education center as well as water Front pier for a day excursion to this conservation island and sanctuary. Boats run daily and we can organize either a private or scheduled boat depending on your time and choice. You will appreciate the efforts of this sanctuary and you are free to contribute to these efforts.