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Entebbe UWEC Zoo

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Entebbe UWEC Zoo provides the best option for day trips and excursions for those having one or two nights in Entebbe. Located at the shores of Lake victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa, Uganda wildlife Education center commonly known as Entebbe UWEC Zoo offers the best introduction to Uganda’s flora and fauna’s National Park. Entebbe UWEC Zoo houses as many plants and animals in a near world situation and one can spend half, whole day or even two days in this facility.

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History of Entebbe UWEC Zoo

Uganda Wildlife Education Center started as a zoo but was later upgraded to a wildlife Education Center. Most rescued animals would be brought to Entebbe UWEC Zoo and due to the need of educating the population about wildlife conservation; it was upgraded to a Wildlife Education center where tourism is combined with learning to conserve wildlife in Uganda. So many Ugandans and Foreigners flock this center for tourism and learning and it is very hard to go there and you do not find groups of school going children and individual families.

What to see at Entebbe UWEC Zoo

Uganda Wildlife Education Center has many things to see ranging from animals that are free ranging, those in cages, birds and several tree and shrubs. Animals such as lions, leopards, white rhinos, elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees and so much more can easily be viewed while at Entebbe UWEC Zoo.

What to do at Entebbe UWEC Zoo

Uganda Wildlife Education Center has packaged a number of activities at affordable costs for those interested in visiting the center. While at Entebbe UWEC Zoo, you can decide to participate in the general guided tour around UWEC. With this, you are given a guide who will walk you around showing you all attractions at UWEC while attending to all your questions. You may choose to participate in behind the scene program to learn more about what takes place behind the scene. Other exciting activities include chimpanzee close up that allows you to get up close with chimps. Chimpanzee close up will require you to have certain medications so need to contact us for details.

What you can do for Entebbe UWEC Zoo

Uganda Wildlife Education Center normally depends on visitor fees to sustain the daily running and feeding of animals at the center. By visting UWEC, you will be assisting in the running of the center. You can also volunteer with some programs or be a friend of UWC by sponsoring to look after any given animals. Kindly contact Encounter Africa safaris for details