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Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Hiking, Birding, Nature Walks, Picnics, Pants & Beach

Laid out in 1898, these expansive gardens are perfect for a leisurely stroll. The highlights are its pockets of thick rainforest, which locals claim some of the original Tarzan films were made in, and excellent birdwatching with 115 species (USh10,000 per guide). You’ll see plenty of monkeys, including black and white colobus, and tree squirrels too.

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The National Botanical Gardens of Uganda, commonly known as the Botanical Gardens Entebbe, are located in Entebbe, Uganda. They were laid out in 1898 by the first curator, A Whyte, close to the shores of Lake Victoria. The gardens are divided into different zones, including a rainforest zone. This rainforest formed the backdrop to scenes from the Tarzan films featuring Johnny Weissmuller, shot in the 1940s.

A number of events have been held in the Botanical Gardens including bird watching, biking, nature walks music festivals, monkey feeding and so on.

The Milege World Music Festival happens every November with live music, games, camping and so on in the gardens.

Notable animals and birds found in the gardens

  • Hornbills
  • Marabou stork
  • Black-and-white colobus monkeys