About 10 kms to Mbarara town on Kampala-Mbarara road is where Rwenjeru Community campsite is located. You can enjoy several activities and the main one being cattle watering. Rwenjeru community camp site is located about fifteen minutes drive off Biharwe trading center in Mbarara. Upon arrival, you will be briefed by your guide about the famous Ankole Long horned Cattle and how they used to look after them. They will demonstrate the tools they used to use while milking, grazing and watering

After briefing, your guide will take you for a walk that includes a visit to an ant hill where they get soil that they mix in water to attract cows, from their, you with then proceed to the farm and then to the well which is communally maintained. At the well, it is where cattle watering takes place. Your guide will demonstrate how the community would prepare water for the cows, they will demonstrate to you the importance of fire-which was lit in order to prevent flies from attaching animals while drinking water.

Cattle watering was a communal activity and it used to bring together people in the community. Once water is prepared, then they will signal to the herdsmen by whistling. The long horned cows know this whistle and immediately will run down the well for water.

Herdsmen must ensure that even the weaker animals get water. This is done by ensuring that stubborn ones are kept off until the weaker one drink and the reverse is true

This activity takes up to an hour and if you have time, you can engage in hill hiking, biking and so much more or proceed to Igongo Cultural Center for more information about the cultures of people leaving in south western Uganda