Our Guarantee

Credible Tour Operator

Encounter Africa Safaris is a fully registered Limited Company with its head office in Uganda, Entebbe.Our main focus is to provide excellent tour and travel services to our direct clients and International Agents. As a credible Tour Operator, we guarantee the below:

Responsible Travel

At Encounter Africa Safaris, we strongly believe that responsible travel is the best way to adventure, discover and experience our destinations that we offer without causing so much impact on the environment and the local community. Our tours are designed with a focus on small groups, environmental conservation and community development. We therefore guarantee that your holiday with us will be characterized by responsible travel advice before, during, and when you return back home, you will have changed the community of the destination you have visited. This is because as you will witness, we are a local company employing local people, using eco friendly lodges all of which help in community development and conserving the environment.


Encounter Africa Safaris is a full member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and thus we adhere to standard as set by the Association. With this membership, we are in position to secure gorilla and chimp permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority for your Uganda gorilla trekking tour. You are also guaranteed of discounted rates from services providers such as hotels and lodges making if affordable if you book a tour with us.

The Team at Encounter Africa Safaris

At Encounter Africa Safaris ltd, we fully understand that a professional and experienced team of staff is very important in providing advice to inquiring clients, providing pre tour information and during the tour to make the whole exercise of booking and tour execution very successful and memorable.

We have assembled a motivated team of Tourism Graduates that will handle all your inquiries from the day you send us your first email until you decide to confirm. Our Tour Consultants and reservations Team will make all you booking in office and when you touch down in Uganda, our guides who are trained by Uganda Safari guides Association and knowledgeable in Uganda’s Fauna, Flora and cultures will take you to a tour which will be attested by your feedback. Try us today and you will appreciate what our team can do for you.

Gorilla Permits

Uganda being a predominantly primate country, most safaris that we handle have an element of gorilla or and chimp trekking which are definitely highlights of Uganda Safaris. Because gorilla permits need to be booked in advance, you are required to fully pay for them at least three months in advance. When we receive you money, we will pre purchase your gorilla permit and then scan and send you a copy for your records and perusal. This is how we have managed to guarantee and create confidence in our clients most especially online clients.

Booking Terms

We only request 20% of the total cost to book and confirm your tour with us. On top of that, gorilla and chimp permits are supposed to be paid in full as Uganda Wildlife Authority requires payment to book these permits. Once we receive this payment, we will book your permits and send you scanned copies. Should gorilla permits be sold out by the time you money shows on our account, we will refund your money or advise you on the dates where there will be availability so that you can adjust. 80% of the cost is paid 6 weeks before safari.

How your money is handled

When you wire money to our Bank account, we will let you know by email or telephone call. The 20% of the total that you will have paid will go to booking accommodation and other services while funds meant for permits will do the work of booking them. We expect 80% payment before the last six weeks to enable us pay and clear all the services and that it.

Briefings and debriefs

When you contact Encounter Africa Safaris, your inquiry will be allocated to one of our safari consultants who will then handle you file from the first inquiry to the time you land in Uganda. When you arrive in Uganda or Rwanda, the same Tour Consultant who has been handling your file will meet you at your first Hotel for briefing. This is to make sure that what you booked with us is 100% what you should expect. Should there be a difference, then we will settle it before you go on safari. He/she will also answer all the questions that you might have before you go for safari. When you return from your safari, the same person will meet you and this time, you will share with him/her your safari experience. The feedback you give us will help in improving our services in future.

Flight Reconfirmation

While on safari with us, we encourage you to reconfirm your outward flights to avoid anything that might happen. Our consultants will gladly do so as long as you inform them. This service is free of charge. This is because flights tend to change their time sometime without prior notice.
Should you have any questions please contact us using our email on info At gorilla-tracking-uganda.com
Thank you.
Amos Ochieng
Managing Director